Getting to Grips with Jetpack for WordPress

If you’ve been using WordPress for any length of time, you’ve almost certainly heard of Jetpack – Automattic’s free plugin that promises to bring much of the power of the WordPress.com infrastructure to self-hosted sites.

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Making the Most of WooCommerce with Avada


Putting Together a Multilingual Site with Avada and WPML

No matter where in the world you are as a site owner or developer, having to put together multilingual sites is an increasingly common requirement. How best to do this using Avada is also a support question that pops up quite a lot here at Theme Fusion. The recommended route is to use the market-leading multilingual WPML plugin to arrange your translations.

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6 WordPress Search Plugins to Replace Default Search

WordPress comes with a very basic site search feature. You can add it to your site by using the search widget. This search feature is very basic and it does not always show the relevant results. Luckily, there are some cool alternatives available. In this blog post, we will show you some better search tools that you can use to replace the default WordPress search feature.

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WordPress Ad Integration

How to Integrate Ads on Your WordPress Website for Maximum Income

There comes a time in the life of nearly every WordPress website – already monetized or not – when the issue of whether to integrate advertising will rear its head. The subject of how best to tackle this, from both a commercial and technical point of view, can be a tricky one if you’ve never faced it before.

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Adding paid content in WordPress

How to Easily Add Paid Content in Your WordPress Site

A recent report on ad blockers published by Adobe and Pagefair, estimates that the ad blockers are going to cost web publishers $22B in revenue this year. According to report, there was a 41% increase in usage of ad blocking software during last year and this trend is expected to continue in 2015-16.

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14 Free Alternatives to Popular WordPress Plugins

WordPress has the advantage of thousands of free and paid plugins. These plugins are developed by third-party developers and companies. A huge number of WordPress plugins are free, but there is a rapidly growing market of paid themes as well. The problem is that developing and maintaining these plugins costs a lot of time. Unless there is a way to compensate the developers for their effort, it becomes impossible for them to support a plugin in the long run.

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