Avada Customer Spotlight: Gabriëlle Vermeij

Gabriëlle Vermeij is an art director and photographer based in the Netherlands. She helps her clients capture creative visions and translate them into tangible objects, such as brochures and websites. Her creativity is astounding and her ability to merge colors, photography and design into one is stunning.

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Avada 5.0 Building The Future

Our ambitious plans continue for 2016, the next major step is coming near and the excitement is building, literally! Avada 5.0 includes something incredible that has been worked on for a very long time and plays a vital role in site creation. The brand new Fusion Builder.

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Avada 5.0 Is Landing Soon!

Avada 5.0 has an awesome ring to it, and it has been ringing in our ears for quite some time. This update includes an incredible list of new features that are not just features, they aim at making your life easier. And that is something we are extremely excited about. Avada 5.0 is a very special update packed with several new features and improvements that make it the most historical update in our history of updates.

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Avada Customer Spotlight: Simon Evans

Simon Evans is a round the world cyclist who founded LittleBig in Ireland in 2013. After completing a 30,000km tour by literally circumnavigating the globe by bicycle, he returned home and put his engineering skills to use by inventing the LittleBig adaptable children’s bike.

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Typography Blocks

The Beginner’s Guide to Web Typography (And How to Apply It With Avada)

We may live in an age of visual media, but I’m willing to bet that text still makes up the majority of your website’s content. What many web masters don’t appreciate is that the typography you choose can make a big difference between engaging with or turning off your readers.

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Avada Customer Spotlight: Spohn Design

Spohn Design is a boutique graphic design firm. They are “print and pixel” aficionados, giving life to their customers’ visions through beautiful design, relevant technology, and engaging language.

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Avada Customer Spotlight: Mass Impressions

Mass Impressions is a web design agency that specializes in web and graphic design, WordPress development, SEO, branding and on-going WordPress support. They pride themselves on co-creating web collateral with their clients and, in fact, place heavy emphasis on empowering clients through the technologies they use, with one eye always on future development.

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