Avada Customer Spotlight: Gabriëlle Vermeij

Gabriëlle Vermeij is an art director and photographer based in the Netherlands. She helps her clients capture creative visions and translate them into tangible objects, such as brochures and websites. Her creativity is astounding and her ability to merge colors, photography and design into one is stunning.

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Avada Customer Spotlight: Simon Evans

Simon Evans is a round the world cyclist who founded LittleBig in Ireland in 2013. After completing a 30,000km tour by literally circumnavigating the globe by bicycle, he returned home and put his engineering skills to use by inventing the LittleBig adaptable children’s bike.

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Avada Customer Spotlight: Spohn Design

Spohn Design is a boutique graphic design firm. They are “print and pixel” aficionados, giving life to their customers’ visions through beautiful design, relevant technology, and engaging language.

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Avada Customer Spotlight: Mass Impressions

Mass Impressions is a web design agency that specializes in web and graphic design, WordPress development, SEO, branding and on-going WordPress support. They pride themselves on co-creating web collateral with their clients and, in fact, place heavy emphasis on empowering clients through the technologies they use, with one eye always on future development.

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Avada Customer Spotlight: Purple Custard

Purple Custard are pioneers in web design, offering a strong, well-rounded branding solution with in-house viral marketing and SEO expertise. They were early Avada adopters and have been using the theme to build client websites for some years now.

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Avada Customer Spotlight: White Sulphur Springs

The latest installment of our Avada Customer Spotlight has us turning to spiritual matters. We reached out to Paul Robyn and Josh Jackson of the White Sulphur Springs Conference Center to share some information with us about the nature of their faith, organization and how Avada helps manage their online presence.

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Avada Customer Spotlight: Kitchen Rag

The Kitchen Rag is the Avada-powered virtual kitchen of Diana Glasser. Focusing heavily on the power of nutritious food, the site is packed full of delicious, healthy recipes, consistently useful lifestyle advice and insights into Diana’s daily life. The site is a marital co-production with husband Clayton Glasser pulling the technical strings while Diana concentrates on content.

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