Theme Fusion has established a reputation for itself in the WordPress world as one of the leading modern theme developers and – in the form of the flagship Avada theme – the makers of one of the best-selling theme of all time.

In this article we’ll give a brief introduction to what makes Avada special and then put the spotlight on our users by highlighting five great sites that use the theme and what we can learn from their implementations. There are so many more that you can view here on the main Avada Customer Spotlight page.

Let’s begin with some brief background on the theme itself.

The Evolution of a World Class WordPress Theme

Since its launch in August of 2012, Avada has sold over 824,320+ copies to theme users worldwide and has became the best-selling WordPress themes ever made, on Themeforest.

The Avada WordPress theme is available for purchase direct from the good people over at Themeforest, where it is the highest selling theme in their history.

The reasons for Avada’s success are not hard to fathom. A retina-ready, fully responsive, HTML5 and CSS3 framework comes as standard and it’s own purpose built Advanced Options Network. It’s also perfect for customization and design tweaking to fit your brand without having to be a coding expert. The online demo sites that are included with the theme give you an indication of the level of polish you can expect to add to your own site.

The software integrates beautifully with market-leading e-Commerce solutions such as WooCommerce, ships with its own page/post content builder, Fusion Builder, backed by excellent customer support and a guarantee of lifetime updates.

There is a selection of showcase Avada sites available on the Theme Fusion knowledgebase with over 90 high-class implementations for you to browse through. We’ve picked out five particularly notable inclusions on that list to highlight some of the benefits Avada can bring to a site.

Let’s get going!

Amazing Talent From Mass Impressions

Mass Impressions Using Avada

Mass Impressions is a web design agency full of talented online marketers, web designers, and WordPress developers based out of London and Oxford in the UK. They pride themselves on their ability to translate complex business goals into simple, easy to use and beautiful, fresh online experiences. They design and develop websites that are appealing to the eye and emotions, easy-to-use and engaging.

The Mass Impressions team have come to trust and rely on Avada for its web design solutions, endorsed it publicly and use it exclusively for all their client sites.

e-Commerce That Gives Back With Little Big Bikes

Little Big Bikes Using Avada

Ireland’s Little Big Bikes is not just an excellent idea, it’s also a great example of how seamlessly Avada can work with e-Commerce sites.

The premise of Little Big Bikes is that they make bikes that grow with your child. Rather than shelling out for a succession of bikes from training wheel models on up during your child’s first years in the saddle, you can use one modifiable model for all needs from the ages of two to seven.

It’s a brand new take on a very old idea and proof that opportunities for innovation exist everywhere if you are prepared to look hard enough.

The flexibility of Avada shines through in supporting the site’s clean, modern design and its integration with the WooCommerce-enabled webshop is impressively seamless.

A Window on Greece From GreekTV

GreekTV Using Avada

With Greece very much in the news across the world, we felt it was time to highlight GreekTV – an Avada-powered English language site exploring every aspect of the country and culture.

The site’s content-heavy design is elegantly managed with the help of Avada, and looks equally good on mobile and desktop with clean typography and high-quality imagery throughout.

If you’re looking to expand your knowledge of the birthplace of modern Western thought then there’s no better spot. The site also serves as an excellent example of how well Avada can support international, online publications.

Business Brochure Done Right With Charter Bay Homes

Charter Bay Homes Using Avada

The bread and butter of many small WordPress design and development shops is often in creating brochure sites for small to medium sized local businesses. It’s an area where choosing a theme like Avada really provides a solid base to work from.

Tampa’s Charter Bay Custom Home Builders is a great example of one of these sites done right. A nicely customized design supports the core brand and showcases a well-chosen range of content that many business brochure sites could learn from.

Social proof, testimonials, clear calls-to-action and beautifully presented project walkthroughs in the Builder’s Blog all combine to present a business brochure site that delivers.


Avada has been pressed into service to support a dazzling range of websites since its creation and the list of satisfied customers is growing daily.

The five sites we’ve selected above demonstrate how easily it can be used to solve classic online use cases such as blogging, e-Commerce, business brochure sites and much more.

We’re looking to dive deeper into case studies in some of these areas but need your help to do it. If you have an Avada powered site you’re particularly proud of, get in touch with us and we’ll be happy to consider it for inclusion on our showcase.

If you’re interested in collaborating on a more detailed case study we’d also love to hear from you. Get in touch via email or the comments below!