Convert Plus


Convert Plus is the all-in-one and most affordable WordPress Popup plugin that will help you generate more leads and get more email subscribers. Customize your Avada website with this plugin as you can create beautiful pop ups in minutes and start converting your website visitors into subscribers, social followers, and customers. Below we provide you information on how to install and activate the plugin, the options of the Convert Plus Fusion Builder Element, and the direct link to the Convert Plus documentation from the plugin creator’s website.

The World’s Easiest Popup Plugin

Generate more subscribers & sales conversions using popups, header & footer bars, slide-in forms, sidebar widgets, in-line forms, social buttons — all in one plugin!

Conversion-Ready Templates

The best thing about Convert Plus is a huge library of beautiful templates that are proven to work. The templates are highly customizable and and easy to tweak.

Everything You Need In One Popup Plugin!

Easily build professional popups forms & A/B test them in real time. Thousands of marketers are using Convert Plus to increase their conversion rates faster and more effectively.

Installation and Activation

As with required, premium, and recommended plugins for Avada, you can install and activate Convert Plus plugin via the Avada > Plugins section.

Click Here To Learn More About Plugin Installation

Convert Plus Fusion Builder Element

A new Fusion Builder element, Convert Plus, has been added for modal usage. Please check below to know more about the available options of the Convert Plus Fusion Builder element.

Select Module – Illustrated as A in the screenshot, is where you can choose a module that you want to use. Choose from Modal, Info Bar, or Slide In.

Select Modal/Info Bar/Slide In – Illustrated as B in the screenshot, is where you can select the modal, info bar, or slide in, that you want to use. Modals, Info Bars, or Slide Ins with status “Pause” are not included as they won’t display until you make them “Live”.

Launch Type – Illustrated as C in the screenshot is where you can control how the module will be launched. Choose from Manual Trigger or Inline Display.

Content – Illustrated as D in the screenshot is where you can enter some content on the textblock. This option is not available if you choose Inline Display as Launch Type.

Convert Plus Documentation

Convert Plus is a third party plugin created by BrainstormForce. ThemeFusion is not affiliated with the Convert Plus plugin, we only bundle it with our theme for our customers to use. All documentation for the plugin can be found on the vendor’s website. Please click the button to be directed to the full online documentation resources:

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