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We are so excited to bring you the culmination of several months of development, Avada 5.0. The main focus of this update is the brand new Fusion Builder. To make Fusion Builder into the page builder that everyone requests, and the codebase our team envisions, we needed to rebuild it from the ground up. The new Fusion Builder is intuitive, performance enhanced, user friendly and packed with features. Fusion Builder plays a major role in site creation and is a vital part of the Avada ecosystem. It allows for quick and easy site creation. And that’s not all, Avada 5.0 brings plenty of other features, options and code improvements to the table that will change your outlook on what a theme and page builder can do. Please read the information below when updating.

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Avada 5.0 Important Update Information

Avada 5.0 includes a new Fusion Builder that has been entirely rebuilt from the ground up, requiring conversion of your previous content. A conversion splash screen will automatically trigger the first time you visit the WP admin area. This process converts previous Fusion Builder content to the new Fusion Builder structure. You can also retrigger this process in the system status area of the Avada Welcome Screen.

It is always best practice and recommended to complete a full database backup before you update any software.

1. Avada 5.0 Conversion

The new Fusion Builder structure, which will eventually allow us to release it for every theme on the market, requires your current Fusion Builder content to be converted. When you update to Avada 5.0 and visit the WP admin area, you will be presented with a splash screen that explains the details of conversion. The process is simple and runs automatically once you trigger it by checking the box and clicking the button. The process ensures the content you created with the previous Fusion Builder is structured for the new Fusion Builder.

First, it is always good practice to make backups of your database before you upgrade any type of software, the same is true here. When you see the splash screen, please read through the content. All Avada elements are now prefixed with fusion- to avoid conflicts with 3rd-party plugins in the future, generic names have been removed. Check the box at the bottom, then click the button to start conversion. The conversion process speed will depend on the size of your site, but please make sure to let it run and do not close the window once you have started it. If you are on a multi-site, each site will be run individually when visiting each sites admin area.

In addition, if you are on an older version of Avada (pre 4.0) we do recommend that you first update to Avada 4.0+, then to 5.0. You can download Avada 4.0.3 by visiting this link in our community forum. This step is not required, but recommended.

2. Fusion Builder Is Now It’s Own Plugin

Previous versions of Avada only required one plugin, Fusion Core. We’ve now separated out the new Fusion Builder into it’s own plugin as it should be. This allows us to continue and expand upon the plugin, build add ons, allow it to be used with any theme, and keep the overall package lighter and better organized. .

Only great things! When you install or update to Avada 5.0, you will need to install / update both Fusion Core and Fusion Builder plugins, both are required to use with Avada. Breaking Fusion Builder off into it’s own plugin has allowed us to rebuilt it from the ground up for speed & performance, extendibility, better user interface and so much more. It will continue to be developed and enhanced from our amazing community.

3. Fusion Builder Backend Welcome Screen With Global Options

Fusion Builder now has it’s own set of global options that allow you to do many things. Once you install Fusion Builder, you will see a new menu item in the WP admin area called Fusion Builder that has it’s own Welcome Screen area with informational pages, support, faqs, global settings and future add ons!

Better organization and future offerings! With Fusion Builder being it’s own plugin, we are now able to truly expand upon it and build it into the best page builder on the market, through add ons, top notch support and continued development. Global settings allow you to disable any single Fusion Builder element in case you are not using it, which gives you a performance boost; they also allow you to enable Fusion Builder on any registered post type; import and export any and all saved content from the Fusion Builder Library and more.

4. New Product Registration Method For Auto Updates / Avada Demos / Premium Plugins

The previous product registration for the auto theme update system was based off the old Envato API, which is soon to be retired. Therefor, we needed to update our product registration method with the new Envato API token key method. This is very simple and only requires one token key generated on the Envato site. With this, we have been able to simplify and enhance the registration process. Avada 5.0 now offloads both Avada Demos and the premium plugins (Slider Revolution + Layer Slider) that are included with the theme via token key registration. They are no longer packaged with the theme zip but offloaded from a server. This has allowed us to give you the lightest version of Avada ever that will easily install on pretty much any host without having to increase PHP configs or FTP the theme folder.

Any previous product registration is no longer active because the old Envato API is being removed. If you are already registered for auto updates on Avada v4+, then you will see an auto update to Avada 5.0. However that will be the last one, you need to register again once on 5.0 under the new token method. To receive auto updates, Avada demos (both full demo imports and the new Fusion Builder single page imports) and the included premium plugins (Slider Revolution + Layer Slider), you need to register your product on the Product Registration Tab in the Avada Welcome Screen area. Open the toggle for easy instructions on how to get your key. Once complete, you will have access to auto theme updates, all Avada Demos and the Revolution Slider and Layer Slider.

5. Avada Demos + Premium Plugins Can Only Be Used After Product Registration

Yep, we just mentioned this in #4 above, but we want to make sure you fully understand. In Avada 5.0, there is a new product registration method that is required for you to receive Avada Demos, the Revolution Slider and the Layer Slider. The process is easy to complete, and allows the theme zip to be 70% smaller than what it was, which drastically reduces overall resources on the server and allows customers to easily upload the theme via WP admin.

A lighter, faster, easier to install theme zip, that still includes everything you are familiar with. As mentioned above, just make sure you register your product via the Envato token key to receive auto theme updates, Avada demos, Revolution Slider and the Layer Slider.

6. Specific Changes To Fusion Builder Structure

The new Fusion Builder has a completely new structure. This means a certain format is needed to build pages, which is a great thing. This allows the builder to work with any theme in the future once we are ready to release it outside of Avada. Everything now goes into containers. The process to follow is ‘container > columns > elements’. The intuitive user interface leads you into this process naturally without even having to think about it. And don’t worry, your previous pages will be converted to this format as described in #1 above. In addition, the new structure and user interface allows you to add any type of container, column or element anywhere on the page!

The process of building pages will always start with adding a container, then columns, then an element. The intuitive user interface makes this extremely fast by adding the container + columns sets automatically when you click the + Container or + Column button. The + Elements, + Container & + Columns actions are always present, as well as the main control bar which is always present and available anywhere you scroll on the page.

7. Shortcode Styling Panel Is Now Called Fusion Builder Elements in Fusion Theme Options

Fusion Builder is now a separate plugin, yet will always have tight integration for our beloved Avada users. Previously to edit global shortcode options from Fusion Builder, you went to Avada > Theme Options > Shortcode Styling tab. Now the tab is named, Fusion Builder Elements.

This is only a name change to be more accurate for what the product offers. Fusion Builder consists of several elements, and the global options for them are located at Avada > Theme Options > Fusion Builder Elements.

8. Portfolio and FAQ Page Templates Removed In Place of More Efficient Fusion Builder Elements

Previous versions of Avada had page templates for both Portfolio and FAQ post types. Each post type had their own page templates you needed to specifically use. This is very limiting when it comes to creative page building, so we removed the page templates and converted both of them to Fusion Builder Elements that can be used on any page or post, anytime, anywhere! Conversion from #1 above takes care of any current pages that use these templates and converts them to the proper Fusion Builder Element with the correct options set.

More flexibility and creative layouts! You are no longer stuck to a specific page template which always places the post type at the top, and any other page content below. Now with the Portfolio and FAQ Fusion Builder Elements, you can place them anywhere on your pages or posts, in columns or widgets, anywhere you choose. This is a big improvement and gives you creative freedom.

9. General Questions & Support

Avada 5.0 is our biggest update to date and includes over 80+ new features including the new Fusion Builder. We are fully dedicated to you, our customers and will be working around the clock to help you with any questions you may have after updating.

It means we are here for you, always! Any questions or issues you have only requires you to submit a ticket through our support site and our friendly staff of experts will gladly help answer it for you. You can also choose to browse the Avada Documentation Archive and the Fusion Builder Documentation Archive. Simply enter your issues’ keywords into the search bar to bring up all related articles.

General Update Information

1. Always Backup Your Current Setup

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you have a current backup of your web site, including your wp-content folder, your wp-config.php file, and your .htaccess file in your WordPress installation folder, and a copy of your WordPress database. You can use these to revert back to your original site if something unforeseen happens during the update process. If you are not familiar with how to do this yourself, there are several plugins available that completely automate that process for you, such as: UpDraft Plus and WordPress Backup Buddy. If you are using the Revolution Slider and have added custom css, please make a backup of the styles because those will be removed when you update. You can also backup your Fusion Theme Options on the Backup tab in Appearance > Theme Options > Backup.

2. Always Clear Various Forms of Cache

This is very important. When you update your theme files, it is possible that browser, plugin or server cache can be responsible for loading old files or settings. This can cause visual issues that may appear to be a major problem, but are not. Always make sure to clear all forms of cache from your browser, server or plugins like W3 Total Cache. View our general cache information that describes the various forms of cache and how to clear them.

3. Do Not Keep Older Copies of The Theme In WP Theme Folder

You should completely remove all previous Avada theme folders before adding the new updated theme folder, or you could end up with WP path issues, etc.

4. Do Not Rename The Theme Folder

If you rename your theme folder when you update, then the path is no longer valid. WordPress stores menus and widget settings and some other settings by folder path. You need to rename your theme folder back to what it was before, and your settings, menus, widgets will be restored. Make a copy of your current theme folder before you upload the new theme.

5. Reset Browser Cache, Server Cache And Plugin Cache

It is always recommended to reset your browser, plugin, and server cache when you update. Visual issues may happen and more often than not, its caused by caches, and they need to be emptied. Each browser allows you to remove cookies, history and other data. If your theme or Fusion Core version is not updated after uploading the new files, it is due to a server-side caching system. Some hosting providers have server-side cache systems installed to optimize the speed of content delivery, please clear any server-side cache or ask your host to do it. This is also true for google pagespeed setups or cloudflare setups.

6. Update Child Theme

If you have copied template files from parent theme to child theme. Please make sure to revert to parent theme first to confirm if the issue exists there too. If it doesn’t, please update the templates copied to child theme with the parent theme.

7. Required & Recommended Plugins Must Be Updated

When you update the theme, you will see a notification message in your admin telling you the required and recommended plugins need to be updated. Follow the onscreen prompts to install the plugin updates. Our Fusion Core plugin is the only required plugin and it has to be installed and activated for theme features to work. Make sure you are always using the most recent version of the Fusion Core plugin. You will be prompted to install it upon installing or updating your theme. If you dismiss the prompt or do not see it, then you can go to Appearance > Install Plugins page and install the plugin that way. Every time you update the theme, the plugin also needs updated.

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