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Avada 4.0 is a major update with an incredible step forward in option management. It is now easier than ever to achieve your design ambitions using the brand new theme options panel. Fusion Theme Options are more intuitive, faster, easier to use and logically organized. And that’s not all, there are plenty of other features, options and code improvements packed into this amazing update. Please carefully read the information below when updating. To view all the important update information for past updates, click here. To view details about the amazing new features for this update, click here.

Avada 5.0 information will be live when 5.0 releases. Before updating to Avada 5.0, we recommend you to update to the latest Avada 4.0.3 version. It is not required, but will make it easier. And always make sure to check this page with notes below before updating!

Avada v4.0 Important Information

If theme features like Fusion Builder, Fusion Slider, Mega Menu, Font Awesome Icons, etc, are not working or displaying on your website after the update, please navigate to theme options > advanced > theme features and ensure the feature is turned on. You can also re-trigger migration on Avada > Support tab in the backend which will also turn them back on.

1. We Recommended Updating To v4.0 From v3.8 or Higher

We recommend to update to Avada v4.0 from Avada 3.8 or higher. It is not required, however significant changes have been made from 3.8 onward and have continued in Avada 4.0. with a new theme options panel. If you are below Avada 3.8, you can download Avada 3.9.4 from our support site to update to that version first, then update to version 4.0.

If you are on Avada v3.7.3 or lower, you can first update to Avada 3.9.4 by visiting this link in our community forum. This step is not required, only recommended.

2. Theme Option Migration & Fusion Core Update

Avada 4.0 has a brand new theme option panel powered by Redux. Due to the new panel, it is necessary for previous Avada installations to migrate options over to Redux. A migration screen will show once Avada 4.0 is active. The migration runs through steps and completes, then you must go and update the fusion core plugin.

When you update to Avada v4, your current theme option values will be copied and stored in your database for safe keeping. No data is lost this way. The extra copy of theme options is then migrated over to Redux so you can enjoy the new options panel. Always make sure you backup your current theme folder before you upgrade. This post explains more information about the migration. The migration can also be manually triggered on the Support tab in the Avada welcome screen. When migration is finished, you will see a large red button telling you to update Fusion Core plugin also. Click it and it will take you to the backend to update fusion core.

3. Theme Option Organization

Avada 4.0 brings an entirely new user interface for theme options. Many of the options that were previously spread out on several tabs are now combined into one control. Because of this, we’ve completely reorganized theme options into logical groupings according to page setup. This new setup makes it much easier to find options and provides faster editing. In addition, there is a new search field that can quickly pull up the option you need with a few keywords.

Better, more logical option organization that will allow you to make option edits faster and more efficiently. In addition, the search field allows you to quickly find an option based off a keyword. The best way to think about the organization is this … if you wish to find an option dealing with the menu, the option will be on the menu tab. This includes all colors, typography and styling options as well. The only exception are sidebars, all sidebars are controlled on one sidebar tab in theme options.

4. Theme Option Dependency

Theme options are now streamlined with dependent options, this means that only options that work with your current configuration will be displayed. An option that does not work with your current configuration will be hidden. An example of this is on the Header Content tab. If you select Header 1 layout, you will see it hides most of the content options that will not work, like tagline, banner code, etc.

More efficient editing! There is no longer a possibility of changing an option value and not seeing it take affect on the front end. Any option that will not work based on your other option selections, will be hidden. As a fallback, you can always see every option through an option search.

5. Social Icon Colors

Avada 4.0 has a new setup for social icons. Previously you could set one color value that applies to all icons, or set an individual color per icon. We’ve made this incredibly easier in 4.0 with our new color type option. The new color type option allows you to choose “Custom” or “Brand”. Custom allows you to enter one color value which is applied to all icons, just like in previous versions of Avada. Brand colors will automatically set a different color per icon and it pulls the exact color value for each network based on their brand guides.

A major increase in efficiency for creating custom social network colors. There is no longer a need to set an individual color per network by using #fff|#000|#eee, simply select “Brand” colors and the approved brand colors from each social networks will be applied.

6. Custom Social Icon Boxed Mode

With the new social icon setup in 4.0, custom icons must be uploaded with a box if you wish to use them boxed. Any custom icon uploaded will display exactly as you upload it regardless if you choose “boxed” in our settings. Only our built in icons can utilize the boxed mode since they are a icon font, and not an image.

If you are using a custom social icon and want it boxed, you will need to add a box to the image you upload. This keeps the interface simpler and shows a true result for what is uploaded. In addition, you can now upload unlimited custom icons, and custom fonts. And more social network icons are being added to the theme by default in the future. Xing has beed added in 4.0

7. Retina Width & Height Fields Removed

Previously you were required to enter the width and height of the normal 1x logo image so the 2x retina logo could display properly. In Avada 4.0 we have removed that requirement and auto calculate the correct size for you.

Only good things! There is no longer a need to manually enter values of the 1x logo. We automatically pull the correct values and ensure the size displayed is 100% correct for regular 1x and retina 2x logos.

8. Widget Sections Moved To Widget Area

Avada’s widget sections previously were located in their own section of the WordPress admin. Avada v4.0 has them directly at the top of the main WordPress widget area.

Faster, easier creating, editing, managing of widget sections and sidebars. Everythign is in one place!

General Update Information

1. Always Backup Your Current Setup

It’s always a good idea to make sure that you have a current backup of your web site, including your wp-content folder, your wp-config.php file, and your .htaccess file in your WordPress installation folder, and a copy of your WordPress database. You can use these to revert back to your original site if something unforeseen happens during the update process. If you are not familiar with how to do this yourself, there are several plugins available that completely automate that process for you, such as: UpDraft Plus and WordPress Backup Buddy. If you are using the Revolution Slider and have added custom css, please make a backup of the styles because those will be removed when you update. You can also backup your Fusion Theme Options on the Backup tab in Appearance > Theme Options > Backup.

2. Always Clear Various Forms of Cache

This is very important. When you update your theme files, it is possible that browser, plugin or server cache can be responsible for loading old files or settings. This can cause visual issues that may appear to be a major problem, but are not. Always make sure to clear all forms of cache from your browser, server or plugins like W3 Total Cache. View our general cache information that describes the various forms of cache and how to clear them.

3. Do Not Keep Older Copies of The Theme In WP Theme Folder

You should completely remove all previous Avada theme folders before adding the new updated theme folder, or you could end up with WP path issues, etc.

4. Do Not Rename The Theme Folder

If you rename your theme folder when you update, then the path is no longer valid. WordPress stores menus and widget settings and some other settings by folder path. You need to rename your theme folder back to what it was before, and your settings, menus, widgets will be restored. Make a copy of your current theme folder before you upload the new theme.

5. Reset Browser Cache, Server Cache And Plugin Cache

It is always recommended to reset your browser, plugin, and server cache when you update. Visual issues may happen and more often than not, its caused by caches, and they need to be emptied. Each browser allows you to remove cookies, history and other data. If your theme or Fusion Core version is not updated after uploading the new files, it is due to a server-side caching system. Some hosting providers have server-side cache systems installed to optimize the speed of content delivery, please clear any server-side cache or ask your host to do it. This is also true for google pagespeed setups or cloudflare setups.

6. Update Child Theme

If you have copied template files from parent theme to child theme. Please make sure to revert to parent theme first to confirm if the issue exists there too. If it doesn’t, please update the templates copied to child theme with the parent theme.

7. Required & Recommended Plugins Must Be Updated

When you update the theme, you will see a notification message in your admin telling you the required and recommended plugins need to be updated. Follow the onscreen prompts to install the plugin updates. Our Fusion Core plugin is the only required plugin and it has to be installed and activated for theme features to work. Make sure you are always using the most recent version of the Fusion Core plugin. You will be prompted to install it upon installing or updating your theme. If you dismiss the prompt or do not see it, then you can go to Appearance > Install Plugins page and install the plugin that way. Every time you update the theme, the plugin also needs updated.

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