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Avada is created with speed and performance in mind. On it’s own, Avada is highly optimized and provides you with the ability to get extremely high speed test scores on tools like GTMetrix, Google PageSpeed Insights, and Web Page Speed Test. Having said this, your site’s speed and performance does not entirely rely on the theme and what you put into it also has a great impact on your speed scores. Continue reading below to learn more about site optimization.

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Site Optimization

When it comes to optimization, Avada plays a much smaller part than you would imagine. Avada is optimized so that it’s fast on it’s own, but ultimately, user content will dictate how fast your site will perform. Images play a huge factor in speed results, as well as hosting, server, extra plugins, content and more.

For example, if you have a site that’s 1100px wide and upload a 2000px image on a page, your page speed score will drop heavily. This is because places like Google or GTMetrix will see a 1100px container that unnecessarily has an image on it that is twice it’s size.

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