Adding Buttons To The Menu

IMPORTANT NOTE – This feature is only available in Avada 3.8.5 or higher.

In Avada 3.8.5, you can now add buttons to the parent level menu items in both your main menu and top menu navigation areas. This works for both top headers and side headers and is easily done by customizing a setting in the Menu section of your WP admin area. Note that this setting is only available for Parent level items, not dropdown items, and the buttons will pull the styles set in Fusion Theme Options. Continue reading below to learn how to add buttons to the menu.

How To Add Buttons To The Menu

Step 1 – Navigate to the Appearance > Menus tab.

Step 2 – Create a Parent level item and click the small arrow on the right to expand the Parent Level menu item. This is illustrated as point A in the example image.

Step 3 – The Avada Options button is illustrated as point B in the example image. All Avada related menu settings will be found here. Click the button and all the settings will open in a popup window.

Step 4 – Illustrated as point C is the menu item style options. Click on the dropdown options and select Button Small, Button Medium, Button Large, or Button XLarge.

Note: The button Styling will be taken from your settings in Theme Options > Fusion Builder Elements > Button Element.

IMPORTANT NOTE – This setting is only available for Parent Level menu items.

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