Avada Customer Spotlight: Spohn Design

Avada Customer Spotlight: Spohn Design

Spohn Design is a boutique graphic design firm. They are “print and pixel” aficionados, giving life to their customers’ visions through beautiful design, relevant technology, and engaging language.

Spohn Design, along with its Principle and Creative Director Ron Spohn, use the Avada theme for their sleek, portfolio-style websites.Ron Spohn is a creative maven – specializing in photography, cinematography, and graphic design. We caught up with Ron to learn a little more about his background, Spohn Design and how their use of the Avada theme has helped showcase their work.
Let’s meet Ron!

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  1. ChecMark August 2, 2016 at 3:10 pm

    You guys continue to amaze! You unquestionably deserve your number one status. Best theme out there and, more importantly, best support. I look forward to using the features of version 5.0.

    Now that your hard working development team has almost completed the new version maybe they can turn their attention to the number one issue that site designers face – the confusing and often conflicting world of plugins. So many are pathetically out of date. So many lack any support. So many cause so many conflicts and site deaths. You guys are the logical ones to start a certification process where you test plugins for compatibility then add your certification to those that work. The developers should be more than willing to pay for the process if they are serious about their plugins.

    This would make site design a pleasure and not what is too often a nightmare.


    • Luke August 2, 2016 at 6:07 pm

      Thank you very much ChecMark!

      In regards to plugins, I do see your frustration with this, but unfortunately we can only control the ones that we offer with our theme, or new ones that we create (which several are coming!). This is more of a wide spread issue since each plugin is made by different developers. However as long as you get them from the main WP plugin repository then you should be good as they have tight control over what is an is not allowed in the accepted plugins. Codecanyon, not so much.

      Thanks again!

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