Good Morning Avaaaaaaaaaaaaaada Community!!!!

Our team has been working around the clock on the latest, (and by far) greatest update ever, Avada 5.0! This is a quick improv post to update you on the progress of how things have been going, some necessary changes that have occurred and some all around information goodness.

[EDIT]: Avada 5.0 is Live!

Yes, the ‘Good Morning Avada Community’ line is a tribute to the late, great Robin Williams. It simply feels right for our incredibly dedicated community of 825,043+ customers.

First off, we apologize since we severely underestimated the release date for when Avada 5.0 would be complete. We expected it sometime in August based off what we had already completed, against what was still left to do, yet here we are going into October. Such is the nature of development.

We do sincerely apologize for underestimating our release date. That falls on us and we take full responsibility for it and will ensure it never happens again. 🙂

Thankfully through all our hard work, Avada 5.0 is simply amazing!

We are so excited about it and we know you are as well. Each and every day so many of our amazing customers send in emails, comments, tweets, Facebook posts, blog comments, etc asking … “When is Avada 5.0 going live?!?!?”.

We can’t express how humbled we feel to know the dedication our customer base feels towards the continued development of Avada. It is difficult for our team to continue and tell everyone that Avada 5.0 “is coming soon”, yet that is the truth, it is “coming soon”!

Simply put, this is our most extensive update ever, loaded with goodies that aim at making your life easier by allowing you to grow your business, your clients business or your own personal website through our amazing product we all love, Avada.

Our creative and dedicated group of individuals at ThemeFusion headquarters have been working around the clock to ensure everything is ready for this update. Avada 5.0 includes significant changes such as the brand new Fusion Builder with dozens of new features, over 50+ Avada theme features, and an extreme number of improvements and performance enhancing items for the overall codebase.

We push ourselves to never be satisfied and to continually strive for perfection. That reason alone is why Avada 5.0 is what it is, the best we’ve ever worked on.

Throughout this update process we have continued to find ways to enhance the product. The nature of development is fickle at times, and is something we always have to keep an eye on. While we work on one thing, something else comes up that makes sense to do at the same time. This process of development is part of why we underestimated our release date, but it’s all for the better of the product, and will be well worth the wait!

This update has been the progression of a development cycle that started towards the end of 2015, and will continue with Avada 6.0 into the future. It is the culmination of many meetings, discussions and research for where we wish to take this amazing community of 825,043+ wonderful customers.

Our continued goal is to simplify, enhance and extend what we offer to our users through strategically planned updates. Our history of updates shows this as well, but we’ve taken it so much further in 2016 and could not be more excited about it! And this is only the beginning!

These updates we plan out have expected release dates, and we unfortunately underestimated the release date of 5.0. However, it is important to note a few things. The delay you see only means good things for you in the end because it either involves something new we’ve added, something we’ve realized can be improved, or all around thorough testing to ensure a solid update.

Our team of 20+ people across the globe all have one important goal, to make our product better, and we spend hundreds of man hours a day doing this. There is no idle time, everything is constantly in motion being worked on, tested and verified. All of this means beneficial things for both you and us.

We have a very strict set of guidelines that we follow when creating updates for our [num_of_users users=””]+ strong user base. We organize and detail every feature, improvement, refactoring item and enhancement to ensure it is correct. Basically it boils down to our #1 goal, which is satisfying you, our customer. And to ensure we do that, we need to be patient while working through every part of the update.

We do expect 5.0 to release soon, but do not want to release the expected date because of the nature of development. It will be soon. However, we do need you to fully understand that each and every day we work extremely hard to bring you what we feel needs done in each update we create.

We have a group of over 300+ beta customers who have been helping us along the way, for which we are very grateful. We’ll be posting a final RC package to them as soon as we feel it is ready.

We thank you for your patience, kindness, excitement and even generosity that comes in each and every day through online communications. It gives us strength and encouragement and confirms the company philosophy of what we believe in.

Please be sure to follow our Facebook Page, join the amazing Avada Facebook Users Group, follow us on Twitter and subscribe to our newsletter to stay up to date on all that is happening. We do our best to keep our customer base informed of all that is going on.

We’d like to give a special shout out to the amazing admins of the Avada Users Group on Facebook; Julie Larson, Geoff Powell, Alfred DeRose, Brad Vose, Vince Balk, Shaminder Ossan and Keely Worth for continuing to grow and nourish the Avada community on Facebook. They are on the front lines of the community making sure that new and old Avada users feel welcome and educated. Thank you guys!

In case you have not seen the Avada 5.0 posts yet, check the buttons out below.

The current version of Avada 4.0.3 is live on Themeforest and is still the #1 selling theme of all time. Updates are FREE to anyone who has purchased an Avada license so don’t hesitate to join this amazing community today 🙂

We promise to continue to strive for perfection in all that we do for you. Thank you for helping us along the way.


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Please note, the current version is Avada 7.8.1