We are excited to bring you several months of hard work and determination. Avada 5.0 along with the new Fusion Builder are now live for everyone to enjoy.

Avada 5.0 with the new Fusion Builder has been our most successful update in the 4+ years we’ve been creating them. It helps pave the way for future updates and goals that will continue and allow our creative team of individuals to bring you amazing value and innovations.

This update took us longer than expected, but it’s well worth the wait. The best way to view all that Avada 5.0 and the new Fusion Builder contains, is to view our promotional pages below. We’ve included some additional links below that highlight some of the new improvements to already created features.

We humbly thank our dedicated group of 825,031+ customers who continue and make these incredible updates possible. We promise to continue and bring you incredible updates that aim at making our customers lives easier through simplified and creative site building.

Please note, the current version is Avada 7.8.1


PS: comments are turned off on this announcement post so we can focus on our customers 🙂