How to Avoid These Top 8 Mistakes When Getting Started With WordPress

With WordPress’ famous five minute install, it’s tempting to rush in and start your website straight away without a second thought; but without a little bit of planning, you may find yourself subject to some costly mistakes as you get up and running.

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How to Effectively Use Images for Better Storytelling With Avada

You invest a lot of time creating great content for your blog, so don’t lose the reader’s interest by publishing content with thoughtlessly scattered images (or even worse, none at all!).

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The 3 Most Important Page Layouts (And When to Use Them)

Designing effective page layouts is important for higher reader engagement and conversions, but most people don’t understand how or when to use the right type of layout for their content.

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4 Key Benefits of Using a Premium WordPress Theme Framework

If you are are serious about creating a WordPress website, you’ve likely run across the dilemma of whether or not to stick with free themes or go with a full-fledged premium solution such as a single-purpose theme or framework.

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Child bouncing on a trampoline

Why Website Visitors ‘Bounce’ (And How to Fix It With Avada)

High traffic volume is worth nothing if visitors aren’t sticking around long enough to become even a lead or prospect, let alone a customer.

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Avada Customer Spotlight: David Arnoux and Growth Tribe


How to Use “Hotspot Analytics” to Boost Online Engagement

Good design is subjective. Just because you think something looks amazing or because a design has received good responses in the past doesn’t mean it will resonate with your customers.

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