Each milestone is a celebration, and is very special. A huge thank you to our Avada community and our team for being the best anyone could ask for. Thank you to 807,549+ beginners, businesses, and professionals who have chosen to make Avada part of their daily lives. As a team, we are proud, we are humbled, and it is amazing to see just how far Avada has grown on Themeforest over the last 9+ years.

What continues to inspire us is the desire to make a positive difference, both internally and externally. An overused phrase, perhaps, but it is a cornerstone in our company philosophy and culture here at ThemeFusion HQ. What we have created and continue to evolve within Avada has motivated many into becoming self-sufficient and confident in utilizing WordPress + Avada as the ultimate website builder.

9+ Years

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Avada 7.0 Beta

Avada 7.0 will be released into the wild very soon! Leading on from the great success of Avada 6.0, 6.1, and 6.2, version 7.0 will break ground as a new era for Avada users. Drum roll for the much-anticipated Header Builder, and flexibility for columns on mobile devices, containers and layout choices built around Flexbox, how you design websites will be supercharged. Alongside that, there are far more new features and options to mention here. Stay tuned!

The Avada 7.0 Beta invitation has been sent out. A long time in the making, the Avada Website Builder is going to revolutionize the way you work. The best is still to come!

Get your first or next copy of Avada now. 🙂

Thank you,
The ThemeFusion Team

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