Avada Studio is an expansive library of multi-use content blocks professionally designed to speed up your web design workflow. In addition, Avada’s intuitive interface makes it easy for you to live preview any content before importing directly into your content with a click.

The Avada Studio is, by design, a creative resource for anyone building a website with Avada and is intended to give you a head start when creating website content and layouts.

Newly Released Studio Content Blocks

This collection showcases the most recent content blocks released by our team and follows from this previous article [COLLECTION 8]. All content is ready to import into your website with a click of a button.

It is essential to note that you are not limited to how and where the content can be used within your Avada website with each content item being very flexible and ready integrate into your layouts.

Halloween Template

A colorful full-page Halloween template ideal for promoting a range of holiday products and services. The template is flexible, fully customizable, and 100% mobile-friendly for any website.

Halloween Off-Canvas

This Halloween Off-Canvas Popup is a perfect marketing tool that can be enabled across the website or individual pages. It can also be triggered based on select conditions for visitor behavior.

Progress Bar Element

This Progress Bar is great great for displaying varying data types for visual effect to your target audience. Each Element is highly customizable and mobile-friendly.

Crypto Column

This CTA column uses images as a way to highlight a call-to-action or for advertizing and promotion reasons. The layout can be changed quickly and placed anywhere on your site to suite your needs.

Service Column

A clean layout that can be adapted quickly to suit any website style. Easily customizable so you can rearrange the design elements to boost customer interaction.

Services Carousel

This Image Carousel Element is perfect for showcasing a set of images, services, portfolio pieces, and much more. Easily customizable and can be adapted to suit any website.

Promotional Gallery Element

A Gallery Element is a great way to quickly create a responsive and stylish image gallery. Invert colors for a darker tone or select from various layout types to better suit your website needs.

Services CTA’s

This clean Content Boxes Element layout is ideal for showcasing your service offerings. Invert colors for a darker tone or rearrange elements to boost customer interaction.

Marketing Content CTA’s

This elegant marketing container comprises four CTA’s (calls to action). The overall layout can be changed quickly and placed anywhere on your site to suit your promotional requirements.

Studio content is neatly organized into a range of categories making it straightforward to search through, view, and then import into your workflow.

The Benefits Of Prebuilt Content

Studio content is prebuilt for anyone creating a website with the Avada Website Builder. All content is effortlessly customizable and intended to integrate into your website content and layouts seamlessly.

  • Prebuilt website content for any purpose

  • Mobile-friendly across all devices

  • Professionally designed to save you time

  • Dashboard previews for seamless imports

  • Online Studio website for live previews

How To Get Started

Accessing and importing prebuilt content is straightforward if you are already using Avada for your website, and it is done via the WordPress Dashboard. We encourage you to take look at this detailed help file and video explaining how to use the Avada Studio.

If you are new to WordPress and want to explore the power to build a successful website with the Avada Website Builder and prebuilt content, you can do so here.

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