300K Avada Sales!

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In 2017 Avada has once again done the unthinkable and grown its user base to an astounding number of over 300,000 users. Avada’s continued growth is both humbling and rewarding for our team. We’ve come a long way since 2012 when Avada was born, and are now heading into our 5th year with more excitement and momentum than ever!

At the end of 2014 we hit the first ever milestone for reaching 100,000 sales of Avada. Then in early 2016, we were celebrating something that had never been done on Themeforest and has yet to be topped, 200,000 sales of Avada.

It’s hard to believe that only a year later, Avada has topped itself once again by reaching 300,000 sales on Themeforest and growing stronger than ever.

This milestone is a celebration of 4.5 years of extremely hard work and dedication to our customer base. We would not have made it without our incredible customers who are avid fans of Avada and do all they can to help us grow our community. There are so many customers who come to mind who dedicate their time to help others in our community thrive and learn how much Avada can do for them or their business. Julie Larson (the original creator of the Avada Users FaceBook Group), Geoff Powell, Alfred DeRose, Vince Balk, Brad Vose, Nico Bach, Ian Holloway, Danny R Ewan, Brian Hochstein, Sam Isbister, Craig Newman, Ron Spohn and many others.

Thank you to all of our customers who use Avada exclusively on all their client projects and continue to give us valuable feedback that allows us to grow together in this ever changing industry. Our team is humbled by the continued praise and respect we receive from all of you. It gives us strength and increases our passion to continue and make Avada better and better.

To our incredible team of hard working, passionate people (listed in alpa order!) … Abbas, Ammar, Ari, Dario, Filip, Hassan, Luke, Markus, Michael B., Michael C., Mikhail, Morgan, Nitin, Rodrigo, Salman, Shaminder, Sohaib, Weston and all our outside contractors and partners … please pat yourself on the back, we’ve done it again!

Last and certainly not least, a major thank you to Envato, for making all this possible on their ever popular Themeforest marketplace. It brings us all together across the globe and allows us to build something special together. Envato is excited and celebrating this milestone with us, check out their tweet and post below!

The most exciting thing about all of this, is that the best is yet to come!

Read The Envato Blog Post
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  1. Sean Steezy April 6, 2017 at 8:54 pm

    Best WP theme by far, thank you for all the work you have done on it, you deserve all the success!



    • Luke April 6, 2017 at 9:00 pm

      Thank you Sean, we couldn’t of done it without you 🙂

  2. Raffaele Venditta April 6, 2017 at 8:58 pm

    I will agree with Sean best ever thank you

  3. alldeaf April 6, 2017 at 9:02 pm

    Great achievment. I am not suprised because avada is a great product. I still miss a sticky sidebar, hide on scroll menu ( if you move up it shows up) and a few basic solutions. I think the potential is much higher then you can imagine now at 300 000 sales.

    • Luke April 6, 2017 at 9:05 pm


      The good news is those features you want that are missing are all on our list 🙂 Sticky sidebar will appear first and should be in one of our next major releases. THe hide on scroll up menu is also on our list and will be an option to enable/disable, along with a few more options for what actually shows in the sticky header depending on what header you choose.

      Thanks again!

  4. Rob Gaertman April 6, 2017 at 9:07 pm

    It’s always a pleasure to work with Avada, with its outstanding support and user forums, you can’t get stuck.

    Thx Guy’s


    • Luke April 6, 2017 at 9:08 pm

      Thank you Rob, that is a pleasure to hear 🙂

  5. Michael Fish April 6, 2017 at 11:17 pm

    Congratulations! Great theme and will continue to use it! The support is also the best!

  6. Elton Craig April 6, 2017 at 11:54 pm

    For sometime now I’ve had a feeling that it is going well for you guys not just because of your incredible hard work but that there is something else……..

    Your paths have been made straight because there is One you have considered in all your ways.

    I may be wrong but I strongly feel that this is the case.

    Go well brothers and sisters at Avada!

    You deserve it!

    • Luke April 7, 2017 at 12:37 am

      Thank you Elton! We take great pride in what we do, and hold ourselves to the highest standard 🙂

  7. Ed April 7, 2017 at 12:10 am

    Don’t stop now…Keep up the good work and people will continue to buy!

    • Luke April 7, 2017 at 12:37 am

      I’m not sure we’ll ever stop! Always moving forward! Thank you!

  8. Josh Creek April 7, 2017 at 12:44 am

    Avada is the best. You guys are great, very well deserved

    • Luke April 7, 2017 at 12:46 am

      Thank you Josh, we appreciate that!

  9. Jim April 7, 2017 at 3:15 am

    Congrats! You guys deserve it! Its my go to themes nowadays just want to know if you will make this theme to play nice with ACF.

    • Luke April 7, 2017 at 3:50 pm

      Glad to hear it im, thank you 🙂 Yes that is a popular plugin and we’ve had no reports of issues. If one does come up, we’d check into it and make adjustments if needed.


  10. Sebastian April 7, 2017 at 3:16 am

    There is a lot of Chinese users,we love avada,we need better support of chinese,e.g. demons. China blocked google fonts,so both backstage and front page are quite slow.

  11. Marine April 7, 2017 at 3:26 am

    Congratulations for this huge milestone reached!

  12. Michon Kessler April 7, 2017 at 3:34 am

    You deserve it!!! I am never using another theme!! YOur support is unprecedented!! And the theme has so many options to work for any business I am building for!!

    KUdos!! YOu guys are awesome and you deserve it!!

    Thank you for caring enough to provide such and excellent product and service!!

    • Luke April 7, 2017 at 3:51 pm

      Wow thank you, that’s awesome to hear 🙂 We’ll continue to grow together!

  13. Garikai April 7, 2017 at 4:08 am

    Two years ago I made the right choice by purchasing Avada. I am not a great designer but my site looks absolutely stunning with minimal coding skills. I have purchased other Word Press themes but Avada is in a class of its own.

    • Luke April 7, 2017 at 3:51 pm

      Thank you Garikai, that’s a great review!

  14. Volker April 7, 2017 at 10:41 am

    Congrats from Germany!!

    Avada brings many many possibilities of customization.

    Regarding the introduction of 5.0 you mentioned, that the is something like a milestone for the next big thing. I think and wait for a “front-editor” with much more wysiwyg.
    especially building design elements which doesn´t use daily leads to testing testing testing….

    any plan for the next big thing in your pocket ? 😉

    • Luke April 7, 2017 at 3:52 pm

      Thank you 🙂 Hahahaha … well, let me just say you’re spot on for what our next main goal is. But also, that yes it will take time 🙂

  15. Ter747474 April 7, 2017 at 2:11 pm

    I have been on the Avada train since it had nearly 50 000 users. If another theme author would have not failed me, and made me chance my plans, I probably never had stepped on the train.

    I have done my bit, done some translating, and helped on the forum, but I have also become lazy… Avada has made so many things simple that my need to learn new techniques has become less important.

    Still, it’s a great theme and I hope it will flourish for years to come.


    • Luke April 7, 2017 at 3:53 pm

      Hey Tero, nice to hear from you! I’m glad the other theme failed you as we are happy yo have you on our side 🙂

      Best to you!

  16. nexthere April 10, 2017 at 6:49 am

    Your team is benefiting from the large population AVADA user. We are also gain lots of goodies from your team. I hope Avada can go on the bright way, we want to control every element on the site by using Avada and fly beyond the internet, connect everyone who focused us, light my life and make me happy.

    Yep, I want Avada can provide a special mode, focus mode, immersion mode to quiet my heart, and let me write the blog.

    • Luke April 10, 2017 at 1:05 pm

      Yes we love the mutual exchange. We work hard for you guys and hope what we do makes your life easier.

      Love your idea, sounds serene 🙂

  17. nexthere April 10, 2017 at 6:56 am

    I am LIANG, in China, where hard to reach your update server. Maybe you need to use the globe CDN.

    • Luke April 10, 2017 at 1:06 pm

      The updates come from Envato’s servers actually through their API.

      If you get failures, can you submit a ticket for us so we can provide them with information which may help?

      • nexthere April 14, 2017 at 2:34 am

        Yep, your team all of them are excellent guys, BTW, is it possible you can add markdown support for the posts by using FB add-on (hope your official add-ons as free goodies to all the Avada users), which is a light plugin. I do not want to use other plugins but yours.

        • Luke April 14, 2017 at 2:33 pm


          Thanks for the comments. Yes I believe that would be possible, it is not one currently on our list though. We do have many developers working on various ones and I’ll throw this one out there as well and add to our list to discuss.


  18. Peter April 10, 2017 at 5:41 pm

    I purchased Avada theme about 2 years ago. Once I started using Avada, I never wanted to buy another WP theme. Other WP themes have a lot of bugs and pricey.

    Avada is a perfect theme. I’m very satisfied with your product and service.

    If I have another WP website, I will buy another Avada theme again.


    • Luke April 10, 2017 at 6:34 pm

      Hi Peter!

      Thank you for that, we appreciate it!

  19. viao April 12, 2017 at 7:55 pm

    Avada is just one of the best themes. I wished I had used it much before. The support is prompt and great and the team is very courteous. How I wish some features could be rolled out soon that will basically never make anyone think of multi-site installation.

    a) Different Header for Each Page.

    b) Chose One Click Menu for Multiple Pages. Currently have to go to each page and change the Menu.

    c) Complete and Separate Customization and Control of Blog Pages so that various blogs can be used. This single feature will lead to quadrupling of sales as multi-site will not have to be used if we customize the blog exactly as we want without using CSS coding.

    Once again, thanks for your great support and love this theme. About to buy my next license.


    • Luke April 12, 2017 at 8:00 pm

      Thank you for the comments, we appreciate it!

      Some of those features are on our list. For B, are you referring to one page menus? Each page only has to be assigned if you want a different menu on that page. Assigning it in Appearance > Menus will by default apply it to every page. For C, you can us the blog element from Fusion Builder and place it several times on one page, or create many pages and place it on there, each instance can have it’s own settings.

      If you have further questions or need assistance with anything, signup at our support center and submit a new ticket. Our support experts will gladly help! 🙂

      Click Here To Create An Account & Get Avada Support

      Thank you!

  20. Bogdan May 4, 2017 at 1:57 pm


    All my appreciation for your great work.

    Where I can submit some ideas for a future update? There is a button here that is not working. Anyway I will write it here, maybe someone will notice it.

    I suggest you to make the template design also for Easy Digital Download platform. I have clients that are asking for websites that includes this platform. If you have the design for it (as you have for Woocommerce) for sure I will tell them to buy the Avada theme. But if you don’t have unfortunately your template is not suitable for them and I have to choose other crapy themes only for this reason. And I am sure that I am not the only one.

    Waiting for you response.

    Many thanks.


    • Luke May 4, 2017 at 2:26 pm

      Thank you for the comments! You can always send us suggestions through our ticket system or via email to support (at) theme-fusion (dot) com. Soon we’ll have an up voting system for feature additions as well.

      What button is not working? I checked them on that page and all seem to work for me. Thanks for the feature suggestion! It is already on our list for future consideration. EDD will work with Avada, but currently there is no design integration, however you can use the two 🙂


  21. Maba11 July 1, 2017 at 6:54 am

    Congratulations! Team Avada.
    I’ve just started and I m already blown away.
    After years of struggle, frustration with Typo3 – Now the future looks bright with Avada – Thanks Team Avada

    Sunny greetings from LA

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