How To Get Notified of Theme Updates

There are a few ways to be notified when a new theme version has been released. Please see below for your options as well as the changelog.

Option 1 – You can subscribe to our Avada Theme Update thread. Anytime we issue an update, we post a new message in this thread. If you are subscribe to the thread, you will receive an email with the message.

Option 2 – When logged into your account, you ca visit your Downloads tab and find your theme purchase. Below it is a check box that says “Get notified by email if this item is updated”. Please check that box and you will be notified when we submit a new theme update.

COMING SOON – In the near future, we are going to be adding an auto-updater to our themes that you can set up in theme options. When an update is ready, your theme can be auto-udpated via WordPress. That feature will be coming in a future release.

Avada Change Log
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