Important Update Info

Each new update brings new features and we like to let our users know everything they can expect. The two sections below describe general update information that should be taken into account with any update, and then specific update information for our latest version.

Avada v3.5 Information

New Fusion Slider Replaces FlexSlider & ThemeFusion Slider – Removing features is always a tough decision, but we needed to simplify our slider offerings which led us to create the Fusion Slider. Upon updating to v3.5, you will no longer have the Flexslider plugin or Themefusion slider. The Fusion Slider replaces both of those and will require you to setup new slides if you were using the Flexslider or Themefusion slider. This is different than the “FlexSlider” shortcode, which is still available but is now called “Post Slider” to cut down on confusion.

No More Integrated Plugins – Fusion Core To The Rescue – This is now a requirement from Themeforest, and is the correct method. Plugins should not be integrated into the theme. When you install v3.5, you will receive a message to also install the Fusion Core plugin, Revolution Slider and Layer Slider. All of those plugins are still included, but are stand alone plugins. Fusion Core also now holds all of our features like shortcodes, shortcode generator, fusion slider, elastic slider, portfolio and faq’s. It is a required plugin and must be installed.

CSS Rewritten & Optimized – We have removed !important tags and rewritten a lot of the theme CSS. Many of the same classes were kept so this should not disrupt your custom CSS, but please keep this in mind if your site is heavily customized because you may see style changes that you need to fix with custom CSS.

Social Icon Colors – Social icons are no longer images, they are crisp vector font icons. We’ve also added several new styling options. The previous “light” and “dark” social icon color options will no longer work, you can now set any hex color for the icons.

Button Options – Buttons have several new options to choose from. Button border color is now grouped with a new option called “accent color” that controls the color of borders, dividers, icons and text. Depending on your current button setup, you may need to adjust the color options.

Spacing Differences With Separator Shortcode – Separator shortcode now has a top and bottom margin. The logic was changed on the shortcode so if you see additional space added or possibly elements that are overflowing each other, simply add or reduce the amount of margin to your preference.

Font Awesome Icons – We now use Font Awesome v4.1 which has changed icon names. So you may need to reset the names on your icons depending on which ones you used. This is not something we changed, the creators of Font Awesome have changed some of the names themselves. Also the new icon name format is icon=”fa-tablet” so if your icons are not showing, please add fa- to the name, like this “fa-iconname”.

Portfolio Featured Images And Videos Not Showing? – This is a new option we added to show or hide featured images and videos on single portfolio pages. When updating, there is not a way to have the option checked so you will need to go into theme options > portfolio tab and check the new “Featured Image / Video On Single Portfolio Pages”

Shortcode Developer Mode – Due to all the new shortcodes and options, we have removed developer mode so they only need to be maintained in one area. This is also done in preparation for our custom page builder coming in the future. Shortcodes are now centralized in our shortcode generator.

New Theme Options – Many new theme options have been added, if something seems off please check the theme option section to see if a new option can be set.

General Update Information

Backup Your Current Setup – Whenever you update the theme, just like upgrading any major software, it’s always a good idea to make sure that you have a current backup of your web site, including your wp-content folder, your wp-config,php file, and your .htaccess file in your WordPress installation folder, and a copy of your WordPress database. You can use these to revert back to your original site if something unforeseen happens during the update process. If you are not familiar with how to do this yourself, your in luck: There are several plugins available that completely automate that process for you, such as: UpDraft Plus and WordPress Backup Buddy

If you are using the Revolution Slider and have added custom css, please make a backup of the styles because those will be removed when you update. You can also backup your theme options on the backup tab in appearance > theme options.

Do Not Keep Older Copies of The Theme In WP Theme Folder – You should completely remove all previous Avada theme folders before adding the new updated theme folder, or you could end up with WP path issues, etc.

Do Not Rename The Theme Folder – If you rename your theme folder when you update, then the path is no longer valid. WordPress stores menus and widget settings and some other settings by folder path. You need to rename your theme folder back to what it was before, and your settings, menus, widgets will be restored. If you need to keep your previous theme folder, then simply make a copy of it before you upload the new theme

Reset Browser Cache - It is always recommended to reset your browser, plugin, server cache when you update. Visual issues may happen, its only cache that needs emptied. Each browser allows you to remove cookies, history and other data.

Reset Server Cache - If your theme or fusion core version is not updated after uploading the new files, it is due to a server-side caching system. Some hosting providers have server-side cache systems installed to optimize the speed of content delivery, please clear any server-side cache or ask your host to do it. This is also true for google pagespeed setups or cloudflare setups.

Required & Recommended Plugins Must Be Updated – When you update the theme, you will see a notification message in your admin telling you the required and recommended plugins need to be updated. Follow the on screen steps to install the plugin updates. Our Fusion-Core plugin is the only required plugin and it has to be installed and activated for theme features to work. Make sure you are always using the most recent version of the plugin. You will be prompted to install it upon installing or updating your theme. If you dismiss the prompt or do not see it, then you can go to Appearance > Install Plugins page and install the plugin that way. Every time you update the theme, the plugin also needs updated.

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